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We can perform tooth extractions quickly and with minimal discomfort to treat a host of dental conditions, including advanced gum disease. Patients suffering from broken, cracked, and/or excessively decayed or damaged teeth (that aren’t good candidates for the alternative treatment – root canal) will benefit from this often simple and straightforward procedure. We may recommend extractions, also called exodontias, in these situations:

  • When wisdom teeth, or third molars, emerge as non-functional, and/or misaligned.
  • If a candidate for dentures only has a few worn or compromised remaining teeth on an arch, we may recommend extractions so a full denture can be placed.
  • Patients, often younger children, may have impacted teeth positioned to emerge out of alignment, or teeth that block others from erupting.
  • Orthodontic patients with overcrowded mouths that require more space along the jaw line to properly align the teeth.

We partner with you before, during, and after the dental procedures we recommend. If you have an extraction scheduled, you can feel confident that we will fully explain what to expect and will provide thorough and compassionate care. Finally, many patients who have extractions performed benefit from dental implants or mini dental implants paired with crowns to rebuild the tooth, so ask us about this prosthetic option.

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Call our Vero Beach, FL dental office at 772.234.5353 to reserve your appointment and learn how we can help you maintain a bright, healthy smile for a lifetime. Our Vero Beach office is located in Indian River Shores County, south of John’s Island, and serves patients from Fort Pierce, Port St. Lucie, and surrounding locations.

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